liz! (daylikethis) wrote in texas_hotshit,

name:: Liz
age:: 18
location:: dallas/ft.worth

musical taste:: pretty much anything/everything besides gangsta rap & country.
the polyphonic spree, rilo kiley, the secret machines, captain audio, dios, modest mouse, radiohead, spoon, the walkmen, yeah yeah yeahs, steve burns, elefant, , nancy Sinatra, frank Sinatra, franz Ferdinand, ben folds (five),at the drive in,… trail of dead, built to spill, badly drawn boy, blondie, beck, bouncing souls, broken social scene, , coldplay, cursive, clinic, canoe, cake,, the decemberist, doves, eels, Elton john, the flaming lips, granddaddy, guster, Gershwin, miles davis, godspeedYBE, jets to brazil, the new pornographers, queen, the shins, the starlight mints, the streets, Tosca tango orchestra, television, u.penn off the beat acapella (guilty pleasure) white stripes, the who, wilco & yo la tango
favorite movie/s:: life is beautiful, amelie, moulin rouge, an american in paris, singing in the rain, lost in translation, big fish, billy elliot, kill bill vol 1 & 2, waking life, and HOOK <3
favorite book/s:: the screw tape letters by C.S. Lewis & Life of Pi by Yann Martel

do you think you are hot shit? Explain:: meh.
what astrological sign are you?:: scorpio. (THE sex symbol, oh-dang.)
use 5 adjectives to describe you:: idealistic. Happy. Loyal. quirky. Charming.
if you were given the chance to be anyone, who would you be? Explain:: scarlett johansson b/c she seems like the coolest girl in hollywood righty now.
what song and/or movie best describes you? Explain:: For Stars - back in France. I love French, the French culture and france itself.. It’s where I belong and will be content.. Although texas is #2 on my list of best COUNTRIES (boo-freaking-yeah, we get to fly our flag just as high as the american..)
if you were an animal, what animal would you be? Explain:: a firefly b/c they’re small, don’t bite, and their butts light up.. Why not?

If the pictures don’t work at first, I’ll fix them asap.. I’m still relatively new to this..

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